Nkonka is a proud sponsor of the Rhino Climb

Nkonka is a proud sponsor of The Rhino Climb. So far over R135 000 has been raised for Phinda Game Reserves’ anti poaching unit. Follow the Rhino Climb on Facebook : RhinoClimbEverest Congratulations to the 5 students from The University of Pretoria for climbing... read more

Controlled burning on Nkonka

At Nkonka we do a controlled burn mainly in Spring when the grass is dry and there is very little rainfall. Many factors are taken into account;  weather conditions, wind direction, Season, time of day. By regulating the fire breaks we reduce the fuel load for a run... read more

Nkonka Roadworks project

At Nkonka we have spent several months maintaining the gravel roads. We continue to lay down stone retrieved from a nearby quarry in Phinda. Road Maintenance is an on going project on Nkonka as improper maintenance leads to quick deterioration on the gravel roads,... read more

Mulched Areas

Areas from the old airstrip heading North towards Marais Smits boundary are currently been mulched due to dense thorny bushes growing as a result of over grazing.... read more

Elephant calf born on Nkonka

On the 1st Feb 2012 between 9 & 11am a baby elephant was born. With lions lurking in the distance the 50 strong herd of elephants waited anxiously for the calf to get onto her legs before moving on. Both Mother and baby were moving along just 3 hours after birth.... read more

Dams full from Spring rains

With our much needed spring rainfall, Nkonka has come alive with animals drinking at the waterholes, whilst surrounded by fresh, lush vegetation. Jessica’s Journey to the Island dam is waterlogged and muddy, the only access is from Ndabushe over the dam wall to JJ.... read more

Fever Trees – Acacia xanthophloea Benth

The fever tree is an attractive, semi-deciduous to deciduous tree approximately 15 to 25 meters tall and has an open, rounded to spreading or flattish crown which is sparsely foliated. The characteristic, almost luminous, lime green to greenish-yellow bark is smooth,... read more

Rhino die in fire

With the help of strong winds and a dry season, a devastating fire raged across the borders from our neighboring farm, Sutton into Nkonka, killing one white rhino calf and one black rhino. There is speculation that the fire started along the railway line as can be... read more